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The City of Fulshear has an exclusive three year franchise contract with GFL – Green for Life (formerly WCA-Waste Corporation of Texas). City residents and commercial businesses are required to pay for solid waste services whether those services are utilized or not. In accordance with the Texas Health and Safety Code, the City must ensure sanitary conditions including solid waste services for all residents and businesses of the City.  Citations will be issued by the City of Fulshear for delinquent accounts. To see a searchable version of the ordinance, click here.

Solid Waste Services

GFL is the only approved solid waste franchise provided within the City limits. Click here for city limits. Commercial rates are based on size and frequency of pick up.

  • GFL provides 95-gallon carts for all residents for solid waste (green lid or black can) and recycling (black lid or green can).
  • Collection services are provided every Wednesday between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM.
  • All garbage and recycling must be placed on the curb by 7:00 AM to guarantee pick up.
  • The carts provided by GFL are the only approved carts for the automated collection services.
  • Unapproved carts will not be serviced.  Additional carts are available through GFL at a rate of $95.00(one time charge annually). Please contact Customer Service at 281-346-8830 for specifics on an additional cart.
  • A radio frequency identification number (RFID) is branded on each cart and recorded by address.  Carts are to remain at the property assigned, regardless of occupancy and whether or not the carts are used.
  • For more information about the carts and collection services, please refer to the trash specification sheets. Click here  for cart dimension: here and here.

Bulk/Heavy/Large items that will not fit into the provided carts, once broken down, should be placed beside them for pick up. If the items are too large, GFL will flag them with a yellow tag, providing information on special collection pricing/pick-up. Special collections for large items can be scheduled with Customer Service at any time, a yellow tag is not required.

Recycling Services

Recycling services are available to all residents and are included in your monthly bill. Unacceptable material for recycling include: plastic bags, styrofoam, wrapping paper, used pizza boxes, coat hangers, paint and solvent containers, light bulbs, mirrors, windows, dishes and cups, pyrex pans, wet or soiled paper, paper towels, facial and toilet tissue, disposable plates and cups, paper milk and juice cartons (waxed paperboard containers).

Click here for Recycle do’s and don’ts.

Residents who do not wish to utilize the recycling service, may opt out of such service by the submitting the Recycling Service Opt Out Agreement with a copy of a government issued photo ID.  Please refer to our forms page for more information.  Please refer to the ordinance for opt in/out options. 

Fort Bend County Recycling offers disposal/recycle of certain e-waste.  Here is the website with the comprehensive listing of the recycling and the associated fees, if any:

Handicap services are available upon request based on need. Medical documentation must be provided to the City of Fulshear and services will be provided upon application approval.  If you are in need of this service, contact the business office for more information.