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GFL Environmental Committed to Investing in Innovative Solutions for Delta Facility

DELTA, BC, August 31, 2018 — GFL Environmental (GFL) remains committed to completing the enclosure and significant upgrades of its Delta compost facility, required by the Air Quality Management Permit issued on August 1, 2018, as soon as practical.

“We are committed to enclosing the Delta facility and implementing innovative solutions in the interim period to further mitigate odours. We are seeking a permit that is clear, fair and allows us to focus our efforts and resources on effectively managing this facility in an environmentally responsible manner today and into the future. We are also seeking a longer-term operating license with the potential for additional capacity in line with the $20 million long-term investment we are making in the facility,” said Patrick Dovigi, Founder and CEO of GFL.  

The Air Quality Management Permit was issued for the GFL facility by Metro Vancouver. GFL has filed an appeal of the permit to seek a longer operating term to reflect the approximately $20 million investment that GFL is making in the facility. Other elements of the appeal include seeking to streamline the reporting process mandated by the permit, which as issued, would require GFL to prepare and file with Metro Vancouver more than 97 reports (over the 5 year permit term), on top of monthly reports, which GFL believes could cause significant procedural delays in the implementation of the enclosure plans. 

To address permitting requirements, GFL is also exploring plans to pilot the use of odour neutralizing methods at the facility over the next 18 months. These odour neutralizing methods have been proven to be effective at other types of waste management facilities.  

GFL will hold a public meeting before November 15 to outline the transition plan to an enclosed facility as well as the plan for interim measures. GFL will also submit the plans for the new enclosed facility in the coming weeks for building permit approvals. GFL’s ability to meet and/or accelerate the transition to a fully enclosed facility will require timely processing of all necessary permissions.

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