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Celebrating 25 years in the waste industry: Larry Smith  

Congratulations to Residential Driver Larry Smith from our Stockbridge, Georgia, location on 25 years of service in the waste industry!  

Smith’s friends and co-workers organized a celebration to honor this amazing milestone and his significant contributions as a GFL driver over the years. Operations Manager Johnny Vales presented Smith with a richly deserved service award to commemorate the wonderful occasion.  

“I always wanted to drive trucks because my dad was a truck driver,” Smith said. “I love what I do, especially the opportunity to build relationships with customers on my routes and form strong bonds with my co-workers.” 

Smith began his journey with the waste industry in 1998 as a hopper, somebody positioned on the back of a garbage truck. Once Smith had received his permits as a driver, he took the test and became a certified CDL driver.  

Throughout his career, Smith has had experience with a variety of driver positions, including regional driver, residential driver, recycle driver and swing driver.  

He also spent some time working in the management program, which involved working in the office and interacting with customers on a daily basis. Smith eventually returned to his love of driving as a recycle driver.  

“Driving offers me peace of mind and a sense of security,” he said. “I also get to learn something new every day while out on my routes.” 

Smith attributes his career development to good management over the years and he has seen vast improvements in equipment and facilities.  

“The supervisors have encouraged me with my career progression, which has been very rewarding,” Smith said.  

Outside of work Smith loves to spend time with his family, with two of his children now away at college, the family moments are even more precious.  

He also loves to cook, which stems from his time working as a cook at the Army base in Savannah, Georgia, prior to joining the waste industry.  

Smith looks forward to continuing his career growth with GFL and seeing what opportunities come his way.  

“As long as there’s waste, we’ll be around!” Smith said. 

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