Pollinator Garden creating a buzz

GFL is proud to sponsor a unique onsite Pollinator Garden at stackt market in Toronto that is helping to protect dwindling species such as bees and butterflies.

Located on Community Lane, the garden aims to create a ‘buzz’ around the subject of pollinators to educate and inspire visitors to the market.

Featuring a variety of plants and wildflowers, the garden offers a safe natural environment where pollinators can feed, live and thrive. Visitors can also enjoy the eye-catching 10-by-20-foot mural designed and spray painted by Toronto-based artist Christina Mazzulla.

What people may not realize is that pollinators—a diverse group of organisms including bees, wasps, moths and butterflies—play a vital role in our planet’s ecosystem.

When feeding on pollen and nectar, pollinators transfer pollen grains from plant to plant which helps them reproduce. About one third of the food we eat every day is the direct result of pollination. These tiny travellers also help support a healthy global economy by boosting agricultural productivity.

But pollinators are a species under threat. Factors such as habit loss are contributing to a decline in numbers, which will ultimately have a devastating impact on our environment.

GFL is helping to counteract this by creating pollinator habitats on landfill sites. Consisting of large, open areas of land, landfill sites are ideal places for introducing rich, stable environments that promote healthy pollinator populations. GFL has already planted pollinator gardens on some landfill sites, including native wildflowers that help nurture pollinating species.

The future of our planet depends on environmentally-conscious actions like these. That’s why GFL will continue to create opportunities to protect pollinators – and help our planet ‘bee’ Green For Life.

Visit the Pollinator Garden at stackt, open seven days a week. For more information, go to stacktmarket.com.

About stackt
Located in the heart of King West in Toronto, ON, stackt takes 100,000 sq. ft of unused land and creates an evolving cultural marketplace where visitors engage in new experiences, find new products and form new perceptions. While the stackt site is 70% outdoors, the interior space is made up of over 120 shipping containers, which house a unique selection of retail, showroom, studio and event spaces.

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