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From specialized collection, disposal, and recycling services to 24/7 HAZMAT emergency response, GFL has the equipment, experience, and trained personnel to safely handle practically any liquid and hazardous waste challenge, from routine to complex.

Our diverse liquid and hazardous waste services can be provided on a scheduled or call-in basis to suit your needs. They are backed by the highest quality resources, from an impressive fleet of vacuum trucks and specialty equipment to some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. We also offer bundled and custom solutions to help customers keep costs down and meet integrated needs.

Whether you need to haul hazardous or non-hazardous waste, soil, sand and clay, construction debris, petroleum coke, catalyst, product liquids or other bulk material, GFL has the equipment and experience you can count on to complete your next project or job safely, on time, and under budget.

SS tank trailers

  • Stainless steel 7000 gallon DOT 307/407 variants and 180 bbl crude trailers available
  • Insulated and non-insulated
  • Vapor recovery capability
  • Good for all kinds of bulk liquids, including product and/or waste

Box and curtain vans

  • 53 ft overall length; 101 in inside width; 13 ft 6 in overall height
  • Non-refrigerated
  • Good for dry bulk hauling, such as drums, freight, boxes, pallets

Heavy duty steel end dumps

  • 30 – 60 cu yd steel dump trailers with barn-door style gates
  • Round body variants also available
  • Able to be live loaded with concrete or demolition debris using a backhoe or excavator

32 cu yd aluminum end dumps

  • Aluminum 4-axle type, 10,500 lbs (made of 6061-T6 alloy)
  • Length: 26 ft
  • 26-28 ton payload capacity, 80,000 lbs GVWR
  • Perfect for hauling asphalt, soil, sand and clay, sludges

55 cu yd aluminum end dumps

  • Aluminum 2-axle type, frameless (made of 6061-T6 alloy)
  • Length: 39 ft; Height: 96 – 102 in tapered
  • Good for hauling soil, coke, fertilizer, grain, sludges

Pneumatic trailers

  • Aluminum 4-hopper design
  • 1500 – 1600 cubic ft capacity
  • 5” butterfly valve to 4” aluminum to rear discharge
  • 15 PSI design pressure; 22.5 PSI test pressure
  • Can be used for hauling catalyst, grain

Intermodal trailers

  • 20 and 40 ft chassis available
  • 40 ft chassis capable of carrying two 20 ft or one 40 ft container(s) (for two containers, trailer must be empty)
  • Lengths are 31 ft closed and 41 ft open

Flat and drop decks

  • 48 – 53 ft length trailers available
  • Rated for 80,000 lbs. distributed load
  • Drop decks designed to haul heavy or awkward loads

70-80 bbl vacuum trucks

  • Several different types available (DOT and non-DOT)
  • Rear door tilt and non-rear door available
  • Capacity: 2730-3360 U.S. gallons
  • Design pressure: 25 PSI internal, 15 PSI external (full vacuum), 38 PSI hydrostatic test
  • Integrated vapor recovery available

130 bbl vacuum trailers

  • 5500 U.S. gal; 35 PSIG operating and 53 hydrostatic test pressures
  • 2-6” rear air operated butterfly valves, with 6”-4” reducing elbows, 4” outboard valves
  • DOT 407/412, ASME “U” stamp certified
  • Good for heavy sludges or liquids
  • Stainless (T316) also available


Whether it’s a permanent or temporary project, a GFL Account Manager will meet with you to evaluate your waste stream, site safety, and options for the best value, to ensure we get the right solution for you. Whatever your hauling needs, your Account Manager will work with you to make sure we meet them on a schedule and budget that makes sense for your business.

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