Organics Processing & Compost Products

GFL recognizes composting as a key driver of sustainable, long-term waste management solutions. Composting captures commercial and residential food, leaf and yard waste to be processed into high-quality compost for a variety of agricultural uses by gardeners, landscapers and farmers.

As highlighted by the Compost Council of Canada: “The environmental benefits of diverting organic materials from landfill include reduced methane emissions (a potent greenhouse gas), and decreased leachate quantities from landfills. From a life-cycle perspective, other benefits, such as the production of valuable compost and renewable energy, can also be derived from the diversion of organic materials from disposal depending on the processing method selected.”

Our organics processing facilities are operated in strict compliance with permits and government regulations in order to produce high-quality compost products while focusing on minimizing any operational impacts to the communities we serve.

Green For Life waste management consultants work closely with municipalities to develop successful organic collection programs. Our team is experienced in launching municipal organic collection programs and educating residents through seminars and information packages.

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