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Invoice Template for A1 Sewage Services Customers

Bee Environmental has now joined GFL Environmental! Here’s how to get started with your new GFL account.


As our newest customers, we want to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. To best serve you, on this page we‘ll explain how to navigate the changes you’re already seeing to your account and any action you may need to take. You can scroll down or select an item from the following list for more information.

  1. Understanding Your Invoice
  2. Setting Up AutoPay
  3. Branch Details
  4. Full Circle Project



Understanding Your Invoice


Please click here to see a sample invoice.

Your account number is located on the tear-off portion of your bill.

Setting Up AutoPay


If you previously used AutoPay for your Bee account, then you’ll need to set up a new AutoPay with GFL. Please click below to learn how to set up AutoPay in MyAccount.

Branch Details


Find your branch’s hours of operation, phone number, and holiday schedule by clicking its name below:

Full Circle Project


The Full Circle Project (FCP) is GFL’s unique, community- driven charitable giving program that lets you, our customers, decide how our funds are directed.

You play an essential role in the success of FCP by voting for the type or ‘class’ of charity you’d like us to support. We divide our charities into seven specially selected classes which cover a broad range of causes, so you can choose the one that best represents where you’d like our funds to be spent.

It’s easy and completely free to cast your vote through MyAccount – log in or sign up now at With your help, FCP ensures our charitable giving supports the causes that matter most to you and makes a positive impact in your local community. Click here to learn more about the FCP.