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Sample Invoice Screenshot for County Waste Customers

County Waste has now joined GFL Environmental! Here’s how to get started with your new GFL account.

As our newest customers, we want to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. To best serve you, on this page we‘ll explain how to navigate the changes you’re already seeing to your account and any action you may need to take. You can scroll down or select an item from the following list for more information.

  1. Important Summary of Changes
  2. Creating Your MyAccount
  3. Understanding Your Invoice
  4. Setting Up AutoPay
  5. Branch Details
  6. Full Circle Project

Important Summary of Changes

If you previously had an account with County Waste to pay your bills online, that account has now been migrated to GFL. To access it, visit MyAccount and log in with the same email address and password you used for your County Waste account.

Most AutoPay settings were also transferred over to GFL; however, if you were using AutoPay via ACH, your settings were not transferred and you will need to re-enroll within MyAccount.

If you did not have an online profile with County Waste, but would like to create a MyAccount now with GFL, please wait for your next invoice to arrive before attempting to enroll in MyAccount. It will include a new GFL account number that you will need to create your account. Please note that you will not be able to use your old County Waste account number to sign up for MyAccount. Instructions for sign up can be found in the Creating Your MyAccount section below.

Creating Your MyAccount

MyAccount is GFL’s online customer portal, a suite of customized tools to help you manage your account, pay your bills, request new service and more in one convenient location. As a new customer, you need to set up your MyAccount before you can use these features.

To set up your MyAccount, please visit the page below.

To create your MyAccount, you’ll need your GFL account number, which is located on your invoice. Please see instructions for locating your account number in the ‘Understanding Your Invoice’ section below.

Understanding Your Invoice

To see a sample invoice, please click here.

Your account number is located both in the upper right-hand corner of your invoice, as well as on the tear-off portion of your bill.

Setting Up AutoPay

If you previously used AutoPay for your County Waste account, then please log in to MyAccount to confirm your AutoPay settings were migrated to your GFL account.

You can use the same log-in credentials you previously used on the County Waste website. If you forgot your password, then you can click “Forgot Your Password?” on below the log-in section of the MyAccount page.

Please click below for step-by-step guidelines on setting up AutoPay in MyAccount.

Branch Details

Find your branch’s hours of operation, phone number, and holiday schedule by clicking its name below:

Full Circle Project

The Full Circle Project (FCP) is GFL’s unique, community- driven charitable giving program that lets you, our customers, decide how our funds are directed.

You play an essential role in the success of FCP by voting for the type or ‘class’ of charity you’d like us to support. We divide our charities into seven specially selected classes which cover a broad range of causes, so you can choose the one that best represents where you’d like our funds to be spent.

It’s easy and completely free to cast your vote through MyAccount – log in or sign up now at With your help, FCP ensures our charitable giving supports the causes that matter most to you and makes a positive impact in your local community. Learn more about FCP here.