GFL GREEN FOR LIFE Environmental

Site Excavating & Remediation


Company Overview

GFL Excavating Corp. has the expertise and equipment to provide excavation requirements for any size development project. Our services include excavation & trucking, complete site remediation and environmental, decommissioning, Hi-Rise residential, industrial commercial institutional. GFL Excavation Corp. is fully bonded and insured, fully unionized and is members of the associated earthmovers of Ontario and is a MOE licensed carrier.

GFL has a full range of construction equipment including large and small truck backhoes, bulldozers, loaders and a large fleet of dump trucks. GFL ‘s coordinated team provides our customers with over 40 years of combined construction experience. Our management and field staff are all ready to provide you with quality service.

GFL Excavating Corp. Safety

GFL Excavating Corp. is dedicated to ensuring that the safest possible conditions exists on our projects. We have implemented a program of zero tolerance, meaning, GFL will not tolerate any unsafe conditions or acts. GFL supports an internal responsibility system – the Occupational Health and Safety Act supports every worker’s right to a safe and healthy workplace. The ultimate objective of the IRS (internal responsibility system) is to ensure everyone integrates health and safety into all aspects of their work.